Quarterhorse LLC D/B/A Stew Leonard's Wines of Yonkers

Company Overview

Stew Leonard’s WINES began when Stew Leonard, Jr., the CEO and President of Stew Leonard’s food stores and his two sisters, Jill and Beth, and brother, Tom, were sitting at the dinner table. They realized the only item on the table that their business did not sell was the wine. The meal was fantastic, but the wine was just ok. Stew said to his sisters, “We can do better. Don’t you agree?”

After studying the industry, taking multiple courses and traveling to numerous wineries, Beth L. Hollis, Stew’s sister, opened her wine store in Yonkers, New York, in 1999. Beth, Stew and family decided to take their decades of retail experience in the food business and apply it to wine. They agreed that any store, which opened under the “Stew Leonard’s” trademark, would offer customers a friendly, well-trained staff and a clean, organized store. We want any customer in a Stew Leonard’s store to feel comfortable asking questions about wine and to enjoy it as much as we do. Stew and his other sister, Jill went on to open their own wine shops as well.

 The Stew Leonard’s Mark is a registered trademark or service mark of Stew Leonard’s, a Connecticut partnership and is registered in the United States. Each wine store is independently owned and operated and is not part of a cooperative buying group or affiliated with the Stew Leonard’s food stores.